We are part of a global movement fighting the root causes of injustice. You can start your campaign today and join over 100,000 other students fighting for collective liberation, climate justice, human rights and loads more.

Start a campaign today and People & Planet can offer you support on how to win on the ground. We have over 30 years of experience of supporting grassroots students groups to win BIG. We've supported students to take on and beat some of the biggest companies on the planet, changed government policy, and transformed campuses.

What do you want to change?

It might be a local campaign on your campus or a national campaign, that you're looking to run. Growing numbers on a petition is a key part of demonstrating the depth of your support and building your movement. It won't change things on it's own but is a good starting place. Things you'll need to know are:

1. Who you want to target - Who has the power to make the change you want to see i.e university Vice-Chancellor or the CEO of Nike.

2. What you want to change - Make sure this is specific and achievable. That doesn't mean you can't aim big. A petition won't be enough to end racism but could get a major advertiser to pull its ads from the Daily Mail.

3. Why this is important - You need to be able to concisely explain to people who look at your petition why they should sign it. Describe the problem, why it matters and what you want to do about it.

What you can do with this petition tool

* Contact people who sign-up to campaign directly to ask them to share the petition, come to your events, join a protest or anything else they can do to support your campaign. You can even get the emails of your supporters to add to your mailing list.

* Share, share, share. This tool gets people how have signed to spread the work about your cause.

* We'll promote your petition through out social media and if you ask we can send it round our mass mailing list that we've built over the years.

* When you start a petition we'll get in contact and see what other support we can offer the campaign. We can help you get in the news, build a movement on your campus and even run workshops with your group.