Divest Barclays

Start a Campaign to Demand Barclays Stop Funding the Expansion of the Fossil Fuel Industry.

We cannot afford to construct any new infrastructure which relies on fossil fuel extraction. We cannot dig any new coal mines, drill any new oil fields, build any more pipelines. Yet right now, projected investment in new fields, mines, and transportation infrastructure over the next twenty years is worth $14 trillion. Barclays is a major investor in fossil fuel infrastructure across the globe it's time for them to halt their support for the fossil fuel industry before they crash the climate.

Whether it’s your local university, students union, school, church, chip shop or arts gallery. They all have the chance to be on the right side of history and boycott Barclays. They can close their accounts or commit to never banking with them, end sponsorship deals, ban adverts or even close branches on campuses.

You can join the Divest Barclays campaign today and call on institutions in your local community to boycott Barclays until they end lending that enables the expansion of the fossil fuel industry.

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