Not Illegal - Human

The term 'illegal' is the most common precursor to the word migrant in the media. This dehumanising and inaccurate reporting is directly fueling the rise of racism.

Using the term ‘illegal immigrants’ dehumanises and desensitises feelings towards migrants. This is not only morally wrong but also factually incorrect. We are calling on journalists to stop using this term and instead use accurate alternatives such as ‘undocumented migrants’.

With increasing cuts to education, healthcare, social care and high cost of housing, the quality of life for the poorest is decreasing as a direct result of decision made by those in power. Scapegoating and peddling hate towards migrants and people of colour is being used as cover for the bad choices that have negatively affected the lives of everyday people.

You can join the Undoing Borders campaign today and call on your university newspaper, journalism lecturers, local journalists and MP’s to stop using ‘illegal’ in the media.

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