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To: University of Portsmouth and Portsmouth City Council & Barclays Bank

Boycott Barclays across Portsmouth

Boycott Barclays across Portsmouth

While Barclays continues finance fossil fuel projects and companies we want University of Portsmouth and Portsmouth City Council to promise to break ALL ties with Barclays including current banking and sponsorship services as well as signing to say that no future investments will go ahead either.

By signing this petition I also personally pledge to not bank with Barclays until they stop funding climate chaos.

Why is this important?

We cannot afford to construct any new infrastructure which relies on fossil fuel extraction. We cannot dig any new coal mines, drill any new oil fields, build any more pipelines.

Yet right now, projected investment in new fields, mines, and transportation infrastructure over the next twenty years is worth $14 trillion. Barclays is a major investor in fossil fuel infrastructure across the globe it's time for them to halt their support for the fossil fuel industry before they crash the climate.

How it will be delivered

There is a die out outside Barclays on commercial road 9am-5pm on the 19th November organised by Victoria Yates (secretary for the UoP Eco Soc). There we will have guest speakers including: John Woods and Stephen Morgan and we will try to not only raise awareness for the cause amongst the public but also gain signatures.

Southsea, Portsmouth, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Fossil fuel companies should be self funded projects not funded from irrelevant resources. This is not helping in the mission for the UK and more importantly the world to become carbon neutral.
  • My best friend is the reason!
  • It’s important that we take more action and quickly to reduce our carbon footprints and halt climate change


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