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To: Pride Glasgow, LCR Pride, Pride in London and Northern Pride

End Barclays Sponsorship: Divest Pride

End Barclays Sponsorship: Divest Pride

We are calling on Pride festivals to:

1. Drop current sponsorship by Barclays
2. Create a sponsorship policy that excludes any future deals with the fossil fuel industry and its financial backers

Why is this important?

Reject Barclays Sponsorship: Divest Pride

Barclays sponsorship of Pride is Pinkwashing: they are co-opting the struggle for LGBTQI+ liberation while continuing to actively support climate collapse.
As the largest funder of fossil fuel companies in Europe, Barclays have funnelled £91 billion to this destructive industry in the five years since the signing of the Paris Agreement.

Pride organisations that claim to represent the community and hold large events in our name have an opportunity and a duty to use this position to confront big businesses that perpetuate injustice and climate catastrophe.
We cannot allow LGBTQI+ Pride movements to lose their political history and become corporate ads financed by the proceeds of harmful extractive industry. We in the queer community want our Prides to represent us and our shared values. We believe that there is no justifying the acceptance of money tainted by the destruction of ecosystems, displacement of indigenous peoples and climate catastrophe.

Reasons for signing

  • One Planet, One World, One Chance.
  • ik vind het grappigg


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