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To: The University of Oxford

End Fossil Fuel Recruitment Events - University of Oxford

End Fossil Fuel Recruitment Events - University of Oxford

We call for the University of Oxford to:

Immediately end the hosting and promoting of recruitment events and job opportunities for fossil fuel companies.

This includes the activities of Oxford Careers Service and any other body affiliated to the University of Oxford, including colleges and departments.

This includes fossil fuel companies’ presence at careers fairs, freshers fairs, career listings, networking events, panel talks, the use of university property to host events, and the presence of physical promotional materials and online advertisements.

Why is this important?

When the University of Oxford hosts and promotes job opportunities and events with fossil fuel companies, it lends legitimacy to the notion that these climate-destroying corporations have any place in a sustainable and just future. Science tells us unequivocally that this is false.

By hosting and promoting fossil fuel recruitment events, the University of Oxford ignores its responsibility
- as an institution of knowledge and learning to act on scientific evidence and consensus,
- to its students: fossil fuel careers will not prepare them for the future we need for a liveable planet,
- to the Global South: the effects of climate change, which are accelerated by the actions of fossil fuel companies, are hitting and will continue to hit this region of the world first. These consequences are disproportionate to the Global South's responsibility in climate change.

University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

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