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To: Samsung, Apple, LG, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Apple, Asus, Acer

Stop Union Busting in the Electronics Industry

Stop Union Busting in the Electronics Industry

We're calling on the major electronics brands to guarantee freedom of association in their supply chains. This will require brands to commit to upholding the right of workers to join trade unions, and put pressure on their suppliers to ensure this is implemented.

Why is this important?

The ability for workers to form, join and organise within a trade union is a fundamental human right. It is also vital in order for workers to negotiate with management for better pay and conditions.

Studies have shown that "union representation is generally very low and corporate resistance to unionisation is widespread" within the electronics industry. Companies involved in the manufacture of electronics have been found making deliberate attempts to stop the establishment of unions in their factories. Tactics they have used include preventing unions communicating with workers, subjecting union members to discrimination, dismissal, intimidation or violence, and establishing "paper" unions which do not represent the interests of workers but are built to create an illusion of unionisation.

A 2016 report by the ITUC found that Samsung has engaged in union busting practices. The ITUC General Secretary Sharon Burrow argued "From the top of its supply chain down, Samsung prohibits the formation of unions".

But the problem isn't unique to Samsung. Lack of union representation is endemic within the electronics industry.

Stand in solidarity with electronics workers across the world, and support their right to union representation!

Reasons for signing

  • Samsung must end its disgusting union-busting practices and apologise for all its current and historical violence against worker. We stand with Kim Yong-hee and other workers who have been abused and targeted by Samsung for decades for their union organising activities.
  • We are being treated like elves it's time to get our rights back.


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