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To: Adam Tickell

Sussex University: Go Sweatshop Free - Join Electronics Watch

Sussex University: Go Sweatshop Free - Join Electronics Watch

Computers made in sweatshops end up in our schools, colleges, councils and universities.

Electronics Watch allows universities and other public bodies to access information on the conditions products they buy were made in and empowers them to address any violations of labour rights that are found.

We're calling on Adam Tickell to join Electronics Watch and go Sweatshop Free!

Why is this important?

Every year, billions of pounds are spent by public bodies in the UK and Ireland on ICT equipment including phones, laptops, computers and tablets. Workers that made them likely spent excessively long hours working in dangerous factories. Some are at risk of developing cancer from toxic chemical exposure, which also pollutes the environment. Many sweatshop workers experience violence and are at risk of modern slavery.

Electronics Watch is an independent labour monitoring organisation for the electronic industry. Electronics Watch members are public bodies who are coming together to use their collective influence over the industry to improve working conditions in factories across the globe.

When joining, institutions write human and labour rights guarantees into their contracts with suppliers. Electronics Watch conducts monitoring of factories on behalf of its members, reporting back about conditions and treatment of works. They then negotiate with global brands, manufacturing companies and factory owners to address any labour rights violations that have been found.

There has been discussion around Electronics Watch at Sussex for a while now. In 2016, SU officers spoke to senior management about Electronics Watch and in December 2017 Sussex staff attended an Electronics Watch Conference to find out more about the organisation. However, the University still hasn't signed up.

We're asking the university to step up and join Electronics Watch because our money is being spent on these electronic products. We're demanding that money be used to eradicate rather than perpetuate a system based on exploitation of workers and inhumane conditions!

University of Sussex, Falmer, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • to save the planet
  • This is such an important cause!!
  • i care about our planet and all the people in it


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