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To: The UK Government

UK Government stick to Paris Agreement targets

The government is treating the Paris obligation to limit warming to 1.5 ̊C or ‘well below’ 2 ̊C as if it were aspirational.

People & Planet is supporting Plan B's legal action against the Government arguing that the Paris Agreement’s target is an essential and absolutely minimum ambition that they must stick to.

We want the Government to listen to the science rather than fossil fuel lobbyists and revise the UK's target for carbon reduction to be in line with the Paris Agreement's ambition to keep global average temperature rises below 1.5oC.

Join the lawyers and call on the government to take climate change seriously.

Why is this important?

The case for legal action contends that the Government’s treatment of the Paris Agreement’s targets to keep global temperature rises below 1.5oC as only aspirational is flawed legally; a tragic misunderstanding of the science; and a gross betrayal of public trust.

The legal challenge argues that the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy's failure to review and revise the UK carbon target in light of developments in climate science and international law is: Ultra vires; irrational; and a breach of fundamental human rights.

Recent hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria and have prompted fresh calls to explicitly draw the link between the devastating human impacts of extreme weather events with climate change as warming turbo-charges the hurricanes and super-typhoons. Other climatic tipping points - Arctic meltdown, accelerated warming, ocean acidification, the rise in forest fires, storms, floods and release of methane from melting permafrost – will interact to push climate change beyond reversible limits and rapidly make the planet unliveable, firstly for the world’s already most vulnerable and insecure peoples.

With their legal challenge, Plan B, argue that the UK cannot address climate change on its own. From this, they make the case that it is in UK’s self-interest to use its climate leadership to set an example through the Paris Agreement Review process and other diplomatic channels. The case aims to help to set a precedent for equitable distribution of the remaining global carbon budget that could be applied internationally either through courts internationally or wider political process.

Reasons for signing

  • I signed this petition because scientists predict we have roughly 10 years until there is not much more we can do to prevent climate change from worsening . It is the most vital issue of this day and age, for everything on the planet. And so governments and individuals NEED to work together to tackle it. And the government need to take this seriously. Brexit: very well, in the sense of human politics it is important. But this fuss between the parties has been going on for too long.
  • Something should be done about climate change all over the world and the uk
  • Climate change is killing the earth, we have every option for sustainable energy and help our environment. The government doesn't like change. Get with the times change is good and we all want better and cleaner energy. Ones that don't cause sink holes!


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